Brazil is the best bet in the world’s electric power market

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May 3, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Brazil is the best bet in the world’s electric power market

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In a strategic turn on its business operations, the French power company Engie has Brazil as its number one bet in its growth expectations. Isabelle Kocher, the company’s CEO, states that one of their missions in Brazil is to create more and more conditions for the renewable energy solutions to flourish, such as solar and wind power, other than hydropower.

Engie is the biggest independent power company in the world and has acquired two hydropower plants pre-owned by CEMIG. It is now trying to buy North and Northeast regions’ gas pipelines, currently being sold by Petrobrás. According to Kocher, Engie  has sold 15 billion euros in assets for an effective full transition into the renewable energy market. She also notes that, given the solar radiation levels in Brazil, Engie’s return of investments are likely to come earlier than in other countries.

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