Lulu’s Brasilian Snack’s

We are a Brasilian-American family living in the Twin Cities. At almost every Brasilian gathering you will find Pão de Queijo (= cheese bread) on the table. Its culinary roots can almost certainly be traced back to our home state of Minas Gerais in Southeastern Brasil. Pão de queijo is a delicious addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is a must with coffee or tea. You can enjoy them as a sandwich by adding fillings, or with your favorite dipping sauce! We use only the finest quality ingredients to make your pão de queijo. Our cheese is locally sourced and we use tapioca flour authentic to Brasil. Our pão de queijo is gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and trans-fat-free. We decided to start this business to share a bit of our Brazilian culture with you. Bom Apetite!

Capoeira Minnesota

Capoeira incorporates a rich culture from Brazil through movements, songs, and traditions that we honor and that promote cultural awareness and unity. Capoeira Minnesota strives to maximize the potential of each student. We believe that through nurturing and challenging at an individual level, we can ignite passion and provide a space where students can learn their limits before breaking through them. We believe that training Capoeira greatly improves the lives of all who train it. Through participating in our community, our students not only improve their own lives but help to improve the lives of those within our community. Capoeira is for everyone! All skill levels are welcome. Join us, and watch yourself grow in confidence, strength, balance, stamina and so much more.

Rio Jitsu

“Rio Jitsu is the right place to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Minnesota! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is known as the best hand-to-hand self-defense system in the world, an incredible Martial art for people of all ages to train, making those who practice it more confident in all life aspects. If you are looking to learn self-defense, lose weight, have fun or compete, we have a program for you. GFTeam is one of the top teams in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has brought its experience to Minnesota. Whatever your profession, the GFTeam’s Jiu-Jitsu can help enhance your confidence and overall performance at work and in your personal life. Our Jiu-Jitsu is the tool that fuels great success and a better sense of community.”


Mastering Cultural Differences

Mastering Cultural Differences LLC Training Solutions for Culturally Diverse Organizations

“Workplaces today are becoming increasingly more diverse, and globalization is creating business opportunities all over the world. Today, chances are you are either working with, supervising, or doing business with culturally diverse clients and colleagues. Diversity is a fact of business; that’s not going to change. What has to change is how well you understand the social and cultural differences present in your work environment so you can avoid misunderstandings and create a more productive, profitable, and truly inclusive organization. As the President and CEO of Mastering Cultural Differences, I design customized programs for organizations that want team members to understand social and cultural differences and work well across those differences. My goal is to help clients create environments where all individuals feel included and can thrive. If you would like to learn about Mastering Cultural Differences’ two signature programs, The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Academy and The Global Academy, email me at so we can schedule a time to chat. Luiza”


Copa Accessories

“Inspired by Brazilian beaches, Copa brings statement accessories from Brazil to the US.”

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