La Donã Cervecería – Rodada de Cerveja

Convite do Bem – The Brazil Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to invite you to Ice Cream Social.l. Please see the details below and let us know if you can join us! We look forward to seeing you!
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La Donã Cervecería – Rodada de Cerveja

The Brazil Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and La Doña Cervecería invite you to join a panel discussion featuring Minnesotans who volunteered to work on economic development projects in Brazil, starting in the early 1960s:

Ken Flies, the Peace Corps (1962 – 1964)
Author of “Into the Backlands”

Doug & Debbie Engen, the Peace Corps in Brazil (1969 -1972)
Peace Corps Volunteers

Rob Scarlett, Ação Comunitária do Brasil/Accion International (1966 – 1970; The Recife Experiment with Micro-Enterprise

The panel discussion will include The Recife Experiment a video presentation produced in Recife, Brazil, featuring a reminiscence on the world’s first systematic effort to create access to capital for tiny micro-enterprises operated by the poor.

Attendees will be welcome to participate in a discussion of lessons learned during that era and share their own international economic development experiences in Brazil and elsewhere around the world.