President’s Letter, April 2018

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President’s Letter, April 2018

Minnesota Brazil Chamber Letter President

Dear Fans of Brazil and Minnesota,

Spring is finally coming around to brighten our world. And the dynamic Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is also budding anew with springtime vigor. Check it out and see what is happening.

As of the 1st of April, the new website of the Chamber went live with a brand-new image. Give it a look at There is still some work to do to load all the text of our messages and the planned events. And behind the scenes this was a truly joint work between Brazil and Minnesota. Our colleagues in Brazil at developed the site. Soon it will include all the pages in Portuguese as well as English. We thank Lucas Cortez and the team at L3ppm for helping make this happen.

The Board of the Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has been working diligently to expand the number of events for our members. To facilitate this work, we added 3 new members to the Board to be able to more aggressively program and organize events. We welcome to the Board Isabel Gomes, João Medeiros and Christaine Dolabela Duarte. They will be working with Raphaela Biesuz on the organization of events.

An important event for the Brazilian community in Minnesota was the installation of Paula Kanne as Honorary Consul of Brazil in Minnesota on March 23. Congratulations to Paula as Brazil strengthens its ties to all Brazilians in and around Minnesota. This is a significant event to heighten the awareness of Brazil in our region and to improve services for the Brazilian community. This event also served to reconnect with many people passionate for Brazil who want to participate in the Chamber and graciously offered their volunteer time. We appreciate these offers and welcome the assistance.

The Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides a meeting point and forum for all you fans of Brazil and Minnesota. What happens depends on the efforts and interests of the whole group, and of each individual in the group. We are open to all topics including social, economic, educational, cultural, commercial and even a little bit of spicy politics. There is no lack of topics for some active and good spirited debate this important election year. So, join the action and help us strengthen constructive ties between Brazil and Minnesota, some of the great places on earth.


Abraços aos amigos da Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce,

Jeffrey Hanson