President’s Letter

Consulado Itinerante Tira-dúvidas com vice-cônsules
winds of relief in brazilian economy in a difficult election year
Winds of stability in Brazil despite a difficult election year

President’s Letter

Are you passionate about Brazil and Minnesota?

Having been born and raised in Minnesota, I have always had a true passion for my home state. But from the first time I visited Brazil in 1974 my passion also grew for that exotic and dynamic country of Brazil during a full 26 years of doing business, living, marrying a wonderful Brazilian woman and raising a family in Brazil. From my first experiences in Brazil I declared an objective to have one foot firmly planted in Brazil while keeping the other firmly rooted in my home State of Minnesota. It is my conviction that there is so much to learn and be done in a cooperative spirit between these two places. And we have not yet really tapped the full potential of cultural, social, commercial, educational, political and historical knowledge that could be gained by a more active and reciprocal exchange of ideas between Brazil and Minnesota.

Over lunch at the Nicollet Island Inn with colleagues from Brazil, João Batista Moura and his brother André, together with Rob Scarlett of Lino Lakes, MN and myself the then Consul General of Ecuador in Minnesota, Silvia Ontanedo, challenged us with the question of why the presence of Brazil is not more apparent in Minnesota. There are many Brazilians living in Minnesota and most large multinationals have a presence in Brazil. But there was no forum or organization in Minnesota to promote topics related to Brazil. And most Brazilians and Brazilian companies back in Brazil know precious little about Minnesota. Brazilian back there tend to think of the USA as New York, Florida or California. But why not Minnesota? Perhaps there is a place in both places for an organization that provides a forum for the active interchange of cultural, social, commercial, educational, political and historical knowledge from Minnesota and Brazil.

This challenge and a passion for both Minnesota and Brazil lead us to form the Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit organization in Minnesota. And also to establish a sister organization in Brazil, Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Minnesota, managed by our Brazilian colleagues. We follow a vision to provide “A dynamic, international, cross-cultural platform that creates opportunities for Minnesotans and Brazilians to meet, get personally acquainted, and pursue cultural, social, educational and commercial relationships.”

So if you are passionate about Minnesota and have deep sentiments for or ties to Brazil, then join us and pitch in to make for more active and reciprocal interchanges between these two places. Welcome to the Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff Hanson
Founder and President
Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce