The sustainable economy bandwagon seems promising for Native Brazilians

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President’s Letter, April 2018
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The sustainable economy bandwagon seems promising for Native Brazilians

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According to Luís Donisete, an anthropologist at the IEPÉ (Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indígina), native Brazilians’ way of life is all about sustainability. Everything they take from nature will serve as many purposes as possible. If an animal is hunted for eating, for instance, its teeth, skin and bones can become everyday utensils or a piece of art. Moreover, thanks to the growing interest in sustainable production in the last years, initiatives and policies for this particular niche has been gaining momentum.

The Jiquitaia spice, for instance, traditionally used by the Baniwa tribe, is now an important condiment used by mainstream cooks and also an ingredient of an Irish beer: the Banana Chilli. The beer was released on the market in 2018 by Hopfully Brewing and part of its production profits will be used to fund OIBI (Organização Indígina da Bacia do Içana) that, in turn, will support the spice production by the Baniwa people.

Woodworks, kitchen utensils, and fashion accessories such as necklaces are also becoming a trend that eventually find their way into the Brazilian market such as the stores in Jardins, a wealthy neighborhood in the city of São Paulo.

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